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Love is all you need

This talk from the sermon series ‘What Matters to me’ is entitled ‘Love is all you need’. In this talk I argue that being a disciple of Jesus is not primarily about learning or doing, it’s about love. We then explore the call of Jesus from Mark 12:28-34 and John 13:34 to love God, our neighbours, our selves and one another with our minds, hearts, souls and bodies.


Share What You Love

This talk, from the series ‘What Matters to Me’ is entitled ’Share what you love’. In this talk I look at Matthew who gets to know and love Jesus and invites people he knows and loves to meet him. We explore the idea that we share what we know not what we know about with people we already know and we share what we love with people with love.


Wild Goose Chase

This talk, from the series ‘What Matters to Me’ is entitled ‘Wild Goose Chase’. In this talk we look at Moses who is invited to step in to the cloud to encounter God’s tangible presence. We explore the qualities we need to step out in pursuit of that presence and the ways we can step up to play our part and host the presence for others.


Grace Changes Everything

This talk, from the series ‘What matters to me’ is entitled ‘Grace Changes Everything’. In this talk I contrast change from the outside in through determination and willpower with change from the inside out as God changes the heart through grace.


It’s all about Jesus

This is the first talk in my first sermon series at St Peter’s Harrow. The series is called ‘What Matters to Me.’ The talk is entitled ‘It’s all about Jesus.’ In it we look at the way Jesus reveals both what God is like and what it means to be human and why we should treasure Jesus more than anything or anyone else.


How to Live a Joyful Life

In this final part of our series Joy Ride: A Journey Through Philippians, Paul gets practical and gives us some great ways through which we can enjoy God and enjoy life. He gives us an excuse to party, a reason to pray, a challenge to think well, and a catalyst for service and church planting.


Selfish Sex: What Porn Does to the Brain


In this series of talks called Loveology we explore love, life, sex and God. In this talk I explore the issue of pornography. We consider porn’s destructive power, why it’s addictive and how to detox, why it feels so good and how to fight porn with faith. The struggle with porn is both physical and spiritual, and the challenge is real, but it does not define who we are, only Jesus does that.


Naturally Supernatural

The Christian life is a supernatural life. We can’t be Christians without the Holy Spirit and we can’t live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit. The work of the Spirit is so much more than the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. Romans 8, perhaps the most extraordinary chapter in the Bible sets out what this natural supernatural life looks like. In this talk we work our way through the fulcrum point of Paul’s theology in verses 1-4 as he celebrates supernatural freedom from the Law .


Pursuing the Presence

The presence of God is the most precious thing available to us as children of God. How should we pursue this presence as God takes us deeper into his glory? Moses encounters with God in the book of Exodus give us some amazing insights into the heart of Moses as he pursues God’s presence. In this talk we look at Moses encounter with God in the thick darkness of the cloud.



Heroes 2

In this series we explore the idea that the world is a cosmic battlefield and we are behind enemy lines, but as civilians but as soldiers. The reality of principalities and powers resisting the reign and rule of God is not some primitive superstition but the Biblical view of the way the world works. How can we not only survive, but thrive in this hostile environment? In this talk we explore how we can avoid captivity and live in freedom.


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