The Perfect Sermon

When Jonathan Edwards, the American revivalist and theologian was 18 years old he preached his first sermon. It was called ‘Christian Happiness’ and it was based on Isaiah 3:10. “A good man is a happy man, whatever his outward condition is.”

The thesis of the sermon is simple; Christians should be happy. But the three points of the sermon are profound. Why should Christians be happy?

1. Our bad things turn out for good (Romans 8:28)
2. Our good things can’t be taken away from us

  • The light of his countenance
  • Pardon for sin
  • Assurance of grace
  • Inheritance of eternal life

3. Our best things are yet to come

Tim Keller said this outline is “the perfect sermon outline, it’s hard to beat something like that” and demonstrates, even at 18, Edwards was a “budding genius.”

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